Monday, July 18, 2011

Road Trip!

Little Man and I went to Chicago to visit family last week. Little Man spent every waking second playing with his cousins and Grandma; he was in heaven. For five days he wasn't an only child. He had two big cousins to hang with; to share beds and fight over toys and play walkie talkies and Angry Birds. It was really nice for him. He can get so lonely at home- I'm not saying that being an only child is bad, please don't read it that way. But Little Man had a sibling and they were best friends and now there is a missing piece every single second. And he misses having a live-in buddy. So cousining is a very special time for us.

It was also at Grandma's house, which makes it uber-special. And we got to go downtown to the Science and Industry Museum, which made is dang near epic. And we got to see an Omnimax movie on Storm Chasers. And tour a submarine. And get a kitschy wax tractor souviner from Uncle -the kind mom unequivocally prohibits. Maybe for Little man, we hit Epic at the tractor. For me, epic hit when we got to the original Gino's East on a Saturday night with 9 people and only had to wait 5 minutes for a table. Seriously.

Drool over this, people. Nothing beats it.

Now we are back home and I'm really trying to find the motivation to clean the house, wash the laundry and fold the 3 baskets that I didn't get to before we left. Folding laundry is probably the weakest link in my chain...just can't do it. Sigh, at least it is clean.

The only thing I have actually accomplished today is vacuuming. Because it was gross. Leaving Hubs home with two shedding dogs during the hottest week of the summer spelled disaster. The fur balls were so big I thought Hubs cloned the dogs and we had a litter of puppies tumbling across the floor whenever the air conditioning went on. So yeah, I vacuumed.

And now, I'm going to put off that laundry just a little longer and dream of pizza. Happy Monday, friends. Stay cool!

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