Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Adventures In The Kitchen

Cooking makes me happy so I've been in the kitchen a lot this past week. And I've been adventurous! All the spring and summer veggies and gardening catalogs are inspiring me to get out of the winter rut; although, I can't say I'm sick of baking. Thanks to my best kitchen buddy, Zo, I will bake bread all summer long.

Meet Zo:

I love Zo.

I love bread. We buy our flour and yeast in bulk and never feel like we are on a budget when the timer beeps and we get to eat fresh, hot bread. It feels more like a gourmet splurge. Even after 2 years I don't think it will ever get tiresome, that yeasty smell of rising dough and then the overwhelming and entirely mouthwatering scent of bread baking. We are like Pavlov's dogs waiting for the beep.

France is on my bucket list...not for an extended trip -even just a day would do. I dream of sitting in a cafe and eating crusty bread and exquisite cheese and drinking good wine. Someday. But I don't need France to enjoy bread and wine. My kitchen can be a bistro anytime I want. Thanks, Zo!

Yes, that is an apron. I love being a domestic goddess; plus, I'm a messy chef. It makes the laundry easier, less stains.

We tried a few new things this week. This is Baked General Tso's Chicken and Unfried Rice. It was awesome.

It was cheaper than the House of Wong down the street and we didn't get sick from eating all of the grease! Plus, it was fairly easy to make. I don't think I'll ever get Chinese take-out ever again.

I also tried some homemade fish tacos last night. Well, semi-homemade. Hubs came home from the grocery store with this the other night.

I laughed at him. He said they were on sale. I reminded him that we don't even buy frozen fries and wondered how in the world I was going to cook them.

Fish tacos!

So, while the fish sticks were baking, I made a quick pico de gallo slaw and a green chili tartar sauce.

And in 25 minutes we had delish fish tacos!

When I asked Hubs how he liked them, he casually mentioned that they would be much better with blackened fish. Go figure.

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