Sunday, August 4, 2013

Mudding and Other Happy Thoughts

It occurred to me late last night that I've neglected to share many of the happy times and thoughts that we've been experiencing over the past month, instead focusing on the venting and working-it-all-out here.  How's that for harvesting some joy?  And while I will admit that the moments where I wish we could just all be done with this and live happily ever in Heaven are above average lately, it's not all glum.  Not at all.

We've been enjoying many many triumphs in our new home.  Knocking down walls, fixing electrical problems and making things that were neglected and broken nice.  It feels good to make things nice.  Along those lines, I'm proud to say that I finally finished taping and mudding my drywall patches today.  My skirt bears the proof; it is covered in joint compound because, yes, I do drywall right after church, still in my skirt.  Don't be too impressed.  All I can say about my drywalling skills are that A. I''m glad we have no lights in the kitchen right now and B. I'm really glad the ceiling will be textured soon.  Here's hoping my texturizing skills are better than my smoothing out skills. 

We've also been enjoying the great outdoors.  We've gone on a number of fantastic hikes and walks all around.  Oregon is so beautiful.  And we don't even have to go far to partake in the splendor of it all.  The trees, the sunshine, the rolling hills, the blackberries.  Especially the blackberries.  The wild blackberries are everywhere.  They are an invasive species in these parts and it seems many native Oregonians don't hold them in high regard.  I, on the other hand, love them.  We have blackberries coming out of our ears in our yard.  And on our road.  The other day I picked an entire colander full of blackberries in about 20 minutes and I didn't even break a sweat.  They are huge and juicy and sweet.  And free.  And we are blackberry gluttons.  It's gonna be a sad, sad day in this house when berry season is over. 

We've also been enjoying making friends and getting to know our local community.  And everyone is so amazingly nice and friendly and helpful.  This is such a lovely place to live.  In a few minutes, I'm going to wake up Little Lady so we can make it to a community party at our local park.  I better change my skirt first....

The joy is here and we are choosing it often. 

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