Monday, August 19, 2013

Live And Learn

Things are really starting to heat up in home improvement world.  We had the dumpster delivered this past weekend and ripped out all of the flooring in the entire upstairs.  And then a few walls and subfloors as we found new surprises. 

This is my entryway and stairwell.  We found more cat pee in a few areas when trim and flooring were removed.  I'm going to refrain from sharing my feelings about cats and their pee and their owners.  And I'm terribly sorry about the smell if you come over.  I'm going to do all my Kilzing at the same time, so it's on hold and nasty. 

The kitchen floor is also a nasty mess.  When we ripped out the 2 layers of linoleum, the particleboard subfloor was actually wet and all musty and a little moldy.  Awesome.  Yet another subfloor bites the dust.  Hubs dug it all out and cleaned it up while the kids and I got some fresh air.  So along with the a huge chunk of the kitchen wall that has been ripped out, the the two walls and floors in our closet, a large section of subfloor from our bedroom, the basement storage closet, the basement bathroom wall behind the vanity, and the two walls in the stairwell, we've tossed out a large amount of sheetrock and particleboard.  Nasty, stinky sheetrock.  Sigh. 

But this weekend is hopefully the last of the big demolition projects.  Hubs also cut up the 30 year old hot tub that hasn't been turned on for at least 20 years and shoved that in the dumpster too.  It was so full by that point that he actually had to get in the dumpster and go at a few corners of the tub with an axe so nothing was sticking out.  It maybe wasn't his favorite day, especially after working a night shift.  He slept really, really well when he finally got to bed last night. 

I'm hopeful to think we are now on the upswing and the rebuilding stage of this colossal project.  The guys at Home Depot know me by name and have repeatedly told me we are rebuilding a whole house!  It sure feels that way.  It seems like I'm there almost every day as we find surprises or try something and it doesn't work and have to go back and find something else.

I'm learning a lot about a lot in this process.  And a lot of it is by trial and error.   Like attempting to texturize an entire ceiling by flicking joint compound off a freaking scrub brush.  My fingers are almost healed now.  Almost. 

And maybe don't stand right under the roller when painting your ceiling unless you want white hair and a speckled face.  And for the love of God, use primer first, which everyone in the world must already know.  Here we are with a 34 year old ceiling that has never once been painted and I'm the idiot who just finished the third coat of paint and praying to God it drys well enough because it is the thirstiest ceiling in the world.  Yes. 

And drywalling is incredibly frustrating, especially when working around pipes.  Holy crap, working around pipes just made me want to give up.  So I did.  I figured that since it's going to be under a cabinet it doesn't matter what it looks like and just cut a big square out of the middle, pieced some drywall where I could and then filled in the gaps with Great Stuff foam.  It seemed like a brilliant idea at the time. 

But then I started thinking about how impossible it is to remove that crap.  If we ever have to do any repair work in that wall, we're gonna have to hire someone just to save our marriage.  I already feel bad for our future plumber.  But at least the wall is closed?  Tomorrow I will paint that bumpy mess "celery ice" and be happy.  Hey, at least it's not cat pee...

It is all so much work.  And most of it isn't fun work.  But the feelings of accomplishment afterward tend to make it all worthwhile.  And if the feelings don't do it for me, the new kitchen
probably will!  Only 8 more days of washing dishes in the bathroom sink.  I think I can, I think I can...

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