Sunday, June 30, 2013

Day Off

We took a day off. 

Hubs gets one day off almost every week and instead of tiling floors or wiring outlets, we went hiking.  It was an ambitious hike for the kids, but they did really well, for the most part.  Little Lady was not happy in the Ergo.  It was too hot and squished and she couldn't see around me and was super frustrated about all of it.  I see an upgrade to a Kelty pack in the near future.  But I digress. She wanted to walk a lot, which was slow going for us.  Little Man was okay with that; he rocked the hike, but it was exhausting for him.  It was a round trip 5.2 mile hike with 2500+ elevation rise.  So proud of him for making it!  The views were spectacular and well worth the effort.  We could see mountain ranges, the Columbia River Gorge, abundant flora and fauna.  We were particularly taken with a phantom orchid, but the poison oak really got our attention.  It was everywhere, but we were careful.  No itchies here, Praise Jesus.

It was such a good reset to hava a day away from the house and the work, to relax and get to know our new state.  And it was awesome to go on a real mountain hike.  

And now it is all back to business.  I'm sitting at the computer reviewing instructional information on projects, looking over Pinterest for the billionth time, cruising around on Craigslist looking for steals.  

Does anyone else think Craigslist is hilarious?  The things people post on there!  And the way they advertise them!  Come on!  My favorite posting was listed as a "Space Couch."  Maybe you are wondering just what a space couch is?  Maybe you're thinking it's a super high tech frame, with sleek lines and extreme comfort.  Well, you'd be wrong.  A space couch is a cushioned bench.  I kid you not, it is an airport bench.  Looks just like one I slept on in Seattle's airport 5 years ago when I was 6 months pregnant with Jameson.  It is just ridiculous the way people advertise.   As if anyone looking for a couch is going to see that and think "Yes!  This is the couch I have been waiting for!"  People and their silly false advertising.

Luckily for us, Craigslist isn't the only thing around here with some false advertising.  Our friendly oregano-borrowing neighbors just happen to be a contractor and architect.  They came and checked out our wall that we want to tear down and said it is not a load bearing wall, even though they put in some crazy studs.  So we are back on track to rip it down....sometime.  We are in slow mode, but that is okay.  I know it will all get done at some point.  The only problem with having an architect and contractor walk through your home offering suggestions and help is that they tend to give all kinds of good advice.  So we are also taking out a few more walls and maybe a closet or two.  Nothing like adding more to the already heaping plate.  BUT, the good news is that there really is no rush.  The cat pee is gone, the really broken things are fixed, and the rest can just be a little ugly until we get to it. 

So if you come over to our ugly house, feel free to tease us about everything but the dining room lamp.  Because I'm seriously keeping this bad boy. 

I thought it was hideous when we bought the house, but it has grown on me and I've kind of fallen for it.  It suits me and my quirkiness. 

Now if only I could find that orange leather couch to go with it.  I was cruising Craigslist before we moved to see what kind of couch options we'd be able to find on our budget and someone was selling this beautiful sleek, modern, orange! leather sectional and I've never wanted anything so badly.  Of course it sold in about two seconds and I've been ruined.  Everything else from here on out will be settling.  Alas, the dangers of of window shopping.  For now, the bright red futon will have to do. 

My children are still sleeping.  We moved to the West Coast and I naturally thought we'd take up earlier bedtimes.  But no.  We have all become night owls.  Little Lady won't go to sleep before 9 pm and she sleeps til around 10am.  This is very, very strange.  Little Man is about the same.  I no longer have the ability to sleep in; too many years of adulthood and motherhood have trained me and my internal alarm clock goes off between 5 and 7 every day, no matter how late I was up knocking down lava rock fireplaces the night before.  At least I have time to get some stuff done in the mornings! 

And get things done, I should.   I hope you all have a lovely day.  We are in a heatwave out here.  Our house has no A/C, so we bought a kiddie pool and have beach days planned! 

Just for fun, here are pictures of the fireplace demolition!  I really got to get my aggressions out on this project!

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  1. Oh man! I love the lamp too and I want an orange leather sectional! I'm glad you're enjoying the PNW! You're kinda making me homesick!

    Also I'm jealous your husband is handy. Mine....not so much.