Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Busy, busy

This next week is terribly busy for me but I wanted to check in with a belated Happy Mother's Day for all of you lovely Mothers. Hubs made me breakfast before I dashed off to work and then he made homemade pizza for dinner. He makes the best pizzas and I am a lucky lady. The day -as always- was bittersweet, but I was very busy and that helped a lot. I feel so blessed to have been given three children; while I miss my babies, I try to focus on the hope and joy of reunion someday.

In the meantime, Little Man is more than enough joy and happiness. He is so handsome and funny and sweet and ....old! He turns 5 in just over a week and I can't believe how fast it has gone by.

I'm finishing up the plans for his party, hoping the airport cakes turns out okay(cake decorating isn't my specialty but I always try), and praying for no rain! Hubs is studying non-stop for his Board Exam, which he takes on the 19th. Prayers happily accepted!

Today is going to be close to 80 and sunny and I'm not sure how that mountain of laundry will ever get folded and put away. But first, a field trip to the zoo with Little Man's school. Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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