Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Happy Birthday Jameson

You brother and sister picked out some great balloons for you last night.  I think you'd like all of them a lot.  There is one with Curious George holding an ice cream cone with six scoops of ice cream on it.  You loved ice cream and it reminds me of your second birthday when we had ice cream sundaes instead of cake. 

Little Man also picked out a Toy Story balloon with Woody and Buzz Lightyear on it.  That reminds me of the time we took you to the theatre for your first movie.  We all went to Toy Story 3 together and sat near the front and had pop and Reece's Pieces.  You loved that movie.  Especially Rex.  I still have your Rex flashlight, J.  Sometimes I let the kids play with it and other times I put it on the shelf with your urn and blankey.  I remember how happy that flashlight made you.  How we brought it into pre-op before your surgery and you ran around the room laughing and roaring in your little gown and yellow hospital socks.  It was the last time you laughed here, Jameson.  I'll never forget that.

Your Little Sister picked out a Spiderman balloon for you.  She wore your old Spiderman shoes for a while, J.  And now she loves Spiderman, just like you did.  She tells me she misses you and cries because she wants you to come and visit us and she doesn't understand why you can't.  Did you meet your sister in Heaven?  Before she came down to live her?  I like to think that you did.  That when she says she misses you, it's true.

We all miss you so much, Jameson.

We love you and hope you have a wonderful 8th birthday in Heaven.  

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