Thursday, October 16, 2014

Walk in the Woods

We had a free day this past weekend with Hubs home and beautiful weather, so we drove out to the Gorge for a fall hike.  We picked another new trail; the possibilities seem endless in this beautiful state we call home.  It started out near the road and went under the ramp to get on the Interstate and then went up a dirt road.  And then trail turns into the woods and we waked under giant maple trees, showering us with their golden leaves.  The kids picked them up and twirled them and threw them and laughed as leaves came down on their heads.  As we walked, the noises of the cars and trucks and traffic faded away and I could feel the tension in my body do the same.

A walk in the woods can do much for my soul.  We walked slow, looking for spiders to kiss and slugs to poke with sticks and beetles to hold in our hands.  Little Lady loves bugs.  We laughed and talked and threw rocks at dead trees to hear the different thumping sounds they make.  We enjoyed the cool air and overcast skies while hiking up, up, up.  And then we sat at the base of a waterfall flowing into a deep pool which overflowed into a rocky creek bed.  We threw more rocks into the water and got a little wet.  The trees were still mostly green.  But there were a few sirens, with their deep reds and bright oranges calling me, inviting me back next week with promises of color and beauty that I don't want to resist. 

Too soon, it was time to go, so we started back down the trail covered in a blanket of golden leaves.  The sound of the waterfall faded and birds sang for us.  The lady fell asleep in her Daddy's arms, a rare gift.  Before long, the sounds of civilization crowded in, and we welcomed them as we were tired and hungry and happy.

"Keep close to Nature's heart...and break clear away, once in a while, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods.  Wash your spirit clean."  -John Muir

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