Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I Killed the Mac

So it's been awhile.

I've been busy.  Really busy.  Busy cooking meals and changing diapers and reading to little boys and cleaning and snuggling with little ladies and not folding laundry or ironing shirts.  If you happen to see Hubs looking all disheveled at work, I swear I forgot he couldn't wear scrubs at his newest rotation... 

Someday I'll have much too much time to iron and dust.  Which is a really good thing considering the backlog I'll have by then. 

But for now, I'm happy to love on this little girl who's trying to help me type as I write this.  And I've missed my writing, but she is more demanding.  And much cuter. 

But I'm here and will hopefully be here more regularly thanks to an unforturnate series of event that led me to killing Hub's Mac(I may never be trusted again) and an amazing Black Friday deal that gave me my very own shiny laptop.  Which is awesome.  I know I'm going to come off as snotty and spoiled with this line, but really, its truth for me: I'd rather share underwear than a computer.  I know, I'm spoiled.  And blessed.  And incredibly thankful. 

And now that I've got my own shiny new laptop, I hope to have more time to write.  I've missed this sacred place in my life. 

But at this very moment, I've got kids who needs baths and bed.  So I'll see you later.  But too much later, unless my computer karma catches up with me...

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