Thursday, September 5, 2013

The First 50

An update...

1000 List
1. Cleansing rain
2. New beginnings
3. Kilz paint
4. Morning snuggles with sleepy babies
5. Doggy deep breathing at my feet
6. Professional installation. 
7. Park Time with new friends
8. Thunderstorms
9. Nap times
10. Thai food
11.  Cool evenings and family walks
12. Swim lessons
13. Tissues with lotion
14. Daddy's day off.
15. Home depot employees
16.  A good vet
17. Losing my voice while learning to hold my tongue
18. Running water.  Clean running water.
19. Wrinkle free dress shirts
20. Turkish delight.
21. Reading together too late at night
22.  Enjoying the all night snuggle with the sick and fussy baby. 
23.  Football season and a working TV.
24. watching her hair grow and curl the same way her brothers did
25. Text from hubs with an unexpected and early leaving from work. 
26. Gummy vitamins
27. Teeny wet footprints
28. Coyote howls
29. Having a loop in the house
30. Watching them play together
31. My mom's meatloaf in the oven
32.  Baby squirrels chirping and chasing
33.  Painting with toddlers. 
34. Daily new beginnings
35. Spider webs
36. Coffee.  How did I wait this long to write coffee?
37. Tissues with lotion
38. Fresh bread...even if it didn't rise right
39. Baby gates
40. Wild flowers on the side of the road. 
41.  Grape vines in  my yard 
42.  Acorns
43.  Watching my boy play four square with new friends
44.  Coffee. Did I already say that?
45.  Being married to my best friend
46.  Having a mom who always picks up the phone even when I call 7 times in one day.
47.  Garden snakes.  Yes I did just say that.
48.  Not being afraid to try drywalling.
49.  IPod music
50.  whipped cream

What are you thankful for today?  

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