Saturday, April 13, 2013


Change is coming. 

And Breathe. 

So.  Life has been a big whirlwind and I just haven't had the time to form the words to actually share.  I'm still not sure I do, but if I don't just start writing at night, after the homework and the dishes and the laundry and the bedtimes, I'll never write.  Okay, you caught me, I didn't do the dishes...what fun would that be?! 

But here I am, short on sleep, short on time, short on brain power, once again with an overflowing brain ready to burst out onto the page.  This time I'm just going to dive right in and get it all out so I can hopefully start writing real writing without all this news and catch-up stuff getting in the way.  Sorry for the lack of eloquence here.

Hubs is graduating from medical school in May. After that is will be Dr. Hubs to you.  Right before St. Patrick's Day, we celebrated a med school event known as Match Day, which is the day everyone finds out where they are off to for residency.  And we are off to Oregon.  For real.  Oregon.  With the mountains and the ocean and the weird people.  We'll fit right in. 

I can't even begin to tell you how excited we are about this move.  It has been bubbling up for the past month and we are just over the moon.  Last week we went out to Oregon to see if we couldn't find a place to live.  We took the kids.  We hiked.  We played at parks and had ice cream before dinner.  We had sushi.  We went to the beach.  And we found a place to live.  It was an awesome week.  The entire time we were there, we just kept saying we can't believe we get to live there.  Amazed at the blessings that continue to flow into our lives.  God truly does give immeasurably more. 

And now we're back in Minnesota.  And the driveway has a few inches of snow on it.  And Little Lady cries when she looks out the windows because she misses grass and playgrounds.  And Little Man wants to have more sushi.  Soon enough. 

First there is the waiting and the purging of more stuff and the job hunting and the packing and the cleaning and the driving!

And then the settling in.  We get to live in our dream location for the longest we've ever gotten to live anywhere.  No more moving.  For a long time.  Ahhhh.  I may have gypsy blood in me, but I'm looking forward to this.  Big time.

But I'm not there yet.  And at this moment, my to-do list is longer than I can handle all in my mind.  I'm in "GO!" mode and trying to tackle too much all at once.  And I'm not super-woman by any stretch.  But it'll get done. 

I suppose I should start with those dang dishes...

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