Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Go Green

I bought new socks.  I couldn't help myself.  They were there.  I was all alone.  I glanced to the right while walking from the baby formula aisle to the frozen vegetables aisle.  And they spoke to me.  They said, "Meghan!  Buy us!  Wear us!  Be proud of your inner-Irish!"  And I looked at those socks and their price tag and I said, "Yes, yes, I will buy you.  And I will proudly wear you Saturday." 

I've got the hats and the socks and the beads and the buttons and the Roo's all set to go for the parade on Saturday.  If you have to ask what is going on this Saturday, you need to check you calendar.  It is March, people.  Mid-March.  And the Madness in this house extends well beyond basketball. 

St. Patrick's Day is on Sunday, but the celebrations and parade are Saturday.   That means we get to celebrate twice!  How does life get better? That is maybe where the new socks come in.  Who doesn't love new, fun socks?  Seriously. 

So.  Here we are again, with St. Patrick's Day fast approaching. This is the annual reminder to GO GREEN! 

Jameson was my Irish baby to the max.  With all that red hair.  And all that fiery laughter and love spilling out of him all.of.the.time.  Every time I hear the song "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" I think of my boy and his joy.  My Irish Prince.  

We're having our annual trek to the Cathedral for a full Celtic Mass put on by the Hibernians.  Then we'll head to our favorite brunch place with the entire extended family, where we may or may not drink Irish coffee.  With extra whipped cream.  And then we will head to the parade.  And it will be cold.  And crowded.  And LOUD.  And it will be awesome.

And we will think of him.  All day. 

Which is pretty normal, actually.  But we will smile and laugh and wear our crazy green and orange and fake mustaches and blinking hats, and lime green sneakers that haven't fit since before babies.  We will stop and smell the shamrocks.  There can be so much sadness in the memories and emptiness.  But there is so much joy.  Always joy.  This day is one more way of seeing and celebrating the memory and joy of our Jameson.


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